Our Services

At EastLab, we help gaming companies from around the world enter the China market with market insights, publisher network, fund raising and other services


Publisher Sourcing

We help pitch your game to the top publishers in China

Publisher Due Diligence

Get peace of mind with due diligence on your publisher choice


ISBN consultation on latest regulations and application


Legal Counsel

Access local legal counsel services that specializes in China game industry


Access service providers that can help set up your local servers in China


Consult on marketing landscape and access UA providers

Art & Localization

Access to reliable art and localization experts in China


Ongoing account management and representation of your game in China


Long term strategic planning for your company to enter and operate in China


can i pick and choose individual services?

Yes. We understand that different clients needs are very different. So our services are designed to be  modular and on-request

My game is not launched yet. Should I think about entering china now?

It depends on your game quality. If you have a polished high-quality product with unique gameplay, it’s better to plan for China early

What type of games are suitable for china?

Usually China publishers are looking for unique gameplay, proven revenue or polished product. There are enough publishers that they cover all genres

Can I access china without a local publisher?

For iOS China distribution, you will need an ISBN (usually applied via publisher or service providers). For Android China distribution you will need a local publisher

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